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Nice and Naughty Season 3 coming soon!
Season 3 is all about Shorty and is being co-written by Gabra and Ronnie Butler,
who voices Shorty in the series and is a sexy, remarkable collaborator.

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A romance for your morning commute,

An erotica to pair with your evening wine.

Available now everywhere audiobooks are sold, including:

Audible, Kobo, GooglePlay, Scribd, Chirp, and Kindle

It's summertime in Queens and things are just beginning to heat up.

Sweet and her 4 sisters are living in Nana's house in Queens, where they run a bakery and a bar together along with their quasi-brother, Shorty. Two of the sisters are adopted; all of the sisters grew up together in the North Fork of Long Island, and moved into Nana's house in Sunnyside after she passed away. In her honor they run the bakery (Sweet Buns) and the bar (Sunny Sips). 

These sexy, funny, heartfelt stories chronicle the sisters and their community in Queens, which they think of as a small town that just happens to be next to New York City. They are all searching for love, passion, and the perfect baked good. Stay tuned for many more stories about the sisters and their adventures in Queens and beyond.

Nice and Naughty
Nice and Naughty
Nice and Naughty
Nice and Naughty
Nice and Naughty

The first half of each episode is a romance to pair with your morning commute.

The second half of each episode is an erotica to pair with your evening wine.

In between is one of Nana's own original recipes, to make for yourself, or for that hot someone you want to impress.

Choose a romance, a saucy recipe, an erotica, or all three!

This series is produced by Love Bytes Originals, a partnership of Emily Woo Zeller and Gabra Zackman. All the stories showcase the Queens we love, the way we see Queens. This is a series with a little bit for everyone, and is meant to be as inclusive and diverse as our fave borough is. We at Love Bytes Originals believe in a sex positive world and are loving mixing it up in these nice and naughty stories.


Nice and Naughty

Produced by Emily Woo Zeller and Gabra Zackman

Written by Gabra Zackman

Nana's Recipes Written by Rachel Fowler

Original Cover Art by Luis Cortorreal

Original Music by Sam Bradley

Post Production by Ronn Lipkin and Alex Vieira

Narrated by: Erin Mallon, Frankie Corzo, Emily Woo Zeller,

Fran Jules, Amy Landon, Ronnie Butler,
Marisa Calin, and Soneela Nankani

To learn more about Nice and Naughty, check out or LBO's Patreon

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