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Love At the End of the World

A witty search for sex and romance in the age of Covid-19. Pears is a divorced 40-something living with her mother in Queens when the unsexiest pandemic ever hits the country and smatters her potential love life. If her mother wasn't enough to cock block her, this virus does a double cock block of trapping her in masks while dosing her in hand sanitizer. With her customary dry wit, and the support of her Queens Girl Gang, Pears endeavors to find a way-some way, ANY way-to get laid safely, sexily, and sanitarily, by men and women alike. An unlikely heroine in her mid- 40s with a voluptuous size 12 body and an equally voluptuous sense of humor, Pears takes us through her adventures in a fabulously diverse Queens that is, in its own inimitable way, as sexy as ever. My Covid Romance follows Pears through a SexIntheCity-esque romp through love and desire in the age of masks and social distancing. Pears is something of an Everywoman who gives the world what it currently needs most: humor, sex, heart, and a halfway decent climax.


Season One of Love At the End of the World available now!

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Cast: Vikas Adam, Allyson Johnson, Luis Moreno, Emily Woo Zeller, Gabra Zackman

Cover Art: Louie Cortorreal
SFX, Music and Mastering: Rohan Audio

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