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Gabra Zackman is an author with heart, humor and heat (not necessarily in that order). She is the writer and co-producer of the upcoming audio series Nice and Naughty, a serialized romance set in Queens, New York. Gabra is the published author of The Bod Squad Series (Pocket Books 2015/2016). She is a storyteller and essayist who has yet to tell her own stories or publish any of her vast trove of essays, but take it from her: she always tries to write on the line between magic and heartbreak, to dance on the fine filament between farce and memoir. No doubt someday that'll be just what the world needs to read. Till then she will continue to write things that feel like feminist James Bond or saucy-sexy meets romantic-silly.

Gabra is passionate about Shakespeare, riding her bike over the Queensboro bridge, yoga, chocolate, letters, bourbon, creating community, telling stories long into the night, community service, and real old fashioned romance. She is most passionate about creating a compassionate and joyful life, well lived.

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